Pop up Books

Over a period of 38 years Kees Moerbeek has worked on more than one hundred pop up projects.
Most of these projects were pop up books, but in some cases it was something completely different. But always pop-up related!
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Many more pop up projects you'll find a complete list of all of these pop up projects.

The APMT pop up book is specially designed for the opening of a container terminal in Rotterdam and probably is the most expensive giveaway pop-up book ever. It's been printed and assembled in the Netherlands in an edition of 600 copies only.
It contains five spreads showing the five main activities of this APMT state-of-the-art container terminal.

Spr 2kopie

For Pearle Opticiens Belgium Kees Moerbeek designed the largest pop-up book ever made.
It measured 4 m (13 ft 1 in) by 3 m (9 ft 10 in) when closed. In October 2010 it was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of records as the largest pop-up book ever

If you want to see how it’s made, click this link:

The world's largest pop up book/ Pearle Opticiens, Belgium (2010)
pearle maxresdefault

Matchbox Furniture

Jönköping Tändstickor Møbel

Jönköping Tändstickor coffee table (since 1867)

It was in 1867 when Per Äkesson of the Jönköping Tändstickor Fabriks assembled his first Matchbox coffee table.
His concept was as brilliant and simple as possible : a matchbox elevated by four burned matches!
Per Äkesson could not realize that over the years his design should reach an almost mythical stage and that it should become one of the most imitated little pieces of furniture ever.
In 1976 Kees Moerbeek purchased the moral and other rights to this concept and he's representing the Jönköping Tändstickor Møbel throughout the world and beyond since then.

If you want to learn all about this remarkable furniture, please see:


Anecdotic Atmosphere Lamps

Flipje Tiel disturbed by Irritating Smurf

Flipje Tiel walking with his pig disturbed by irritating Smurf (2014)

The Fatal Discovery of Electricity (2013)

In the last five years Kees Moerbeek has built more than 150 Anecdotic Atmosphere lamps for EssentieeLicht®. With all kinds of plastic action figures, matchboxes and led lights he assembled ultra-short stories which also produce a warm and atmospheric light.
This explains the name…
In most of the designs low voltage led-lights are used, but in some cases 220 volts lamps do the job.
The inevitability of the illogicality
The inevitability of the illogicality (2014)